Nikola Radić Lucati


Temporary cavity

The Aladza mosque in the bosnian city of Foca was built in 1549 and was recgnized as a first category monument by UNESCO. It was demolished on 2. 8. 1992. by Serb authorities together with 12 other mosques. After the massacre and ethnic cleansing of local muslim population, the city was renamed "Srbinje" - a city of Serbs. The city is still under the rule of "Republika Srpska". During the 1990's, the official Serb line was that "No muslims had ever lived in Srbinje." A monograph on the mosque, (Andrejević, Andrej, Aladža džamija u Foči, Beograd, 1972.) was also declared "a book that never existed" by the libraries in Belgrade.

"Temporary cavity" is a term used in ballistic testing, for a cavity opened by the air pressure built up by the bullet's entry into the flesh. It eventually closes itself back as the pressure equalizes.

Xeikon print, 120x30cm each. Shown at the "Printline", Lower east Side, NY, 2000.