Nikola Radić Lucati



Mashtap (acronym)
Meshatef Peula (hebrew) - a collaborationist, a snitch.

The house photographed belongs to the Al Aza family and is one of the "Well houses" of the orange groves in Jaffo. Two additional buildings have been preserved on this property - one of them served as home to the French Consul back in the Ottoman period, as well as the residence of the High Commissioner of Palestine, Herbert Samuel, during the days of the British mandate. Along with it's estate, the house is one of the few preserved and the only one still belonging to it's original owners, a family of Arab collaborators from the 1948 War of Independence/Nakba. It is rented by the army, and, while mostly deserted, is a home to a "Gadna" youth movement marksmanship club.