Nikola Radić Lucati


"Drawing 1" & "Drawing 2", SKC gallery Belgrade, 1994 & 1995.

Illumination of the movement
Nikola Šuica

The movement of drawing is sometimes approaching the very action of territorial conquest. The origins of every visual movement have always consisted of objectivity of the topographic sites, the temporary markers inscribed in the sand or wet soil, withdrawing into the underground the act of the chronicle, making it's line permanent. The site and size of the gallery are employed to refract the energetic values of the process of drawing. The formal qualities of the work can not remove the set examples created on the specific place, or oppose the external circumstances in overcoming apparent lack of historical context or narrative. Here, the physical realm is taken on by the work of most reductive objectivity distanced from surrounding associations, locked onto the frequencies of light, subject to it's own optical darkness through the ever too durable fragment of current history. Concentrated movement through which Nikola Radić Lucati is constituting the ground base and direction of the line are creating a seemingly restrictive author's statement. Characteristics of such process, regardless of the density and range of the trace, are reaching the experience of the conceptual extremes, where questions are raised on the mechanics and laws of physics. For the spectator, they are giving the mass and energy of the author's time. Consistency in the media of the surface and section of the movement are including dispersion of light creating territorial wholeness of the space. In such strict site, the simulacrum is dispersing because both the work and the ambiance are the conduits for continuous cycles of inner induction. Parameters of such drawing are reaching toward the ambience of the process of drawing, scarring the time of it's own inception, turning it into the act of remembrance.