Nikola Radić Lucati


"Drawing 2" at the "Veljkovic bis" group exhibition, 1996.

Exhibition was created from the set of works that were showing the potential for mutual interaction as well as the ability to activate the space. On the macro level, the works seemed to complete each other, sharing the linear architecture and rendering the events on and below the ground level of memory onto the conscious experience of the Veljkovic family's nationalized pre-war sculpture hall. A place that once held the collection of Micheleangelo bronze casts, laid unused and abandoned until the formation of the CZKD cultural centre.

Zoran Dimovski,
Martin Erdeš,
Branka Kuzmanović,
Mirjana Munisić,
Nikola Radić Lucati,
Bojan Sredojević,
Zoran Todorović