Nikola Radić Lucati


Memorial Chamber

This site-specific work was my first created during the brief peacetime between Bosnian and Kosovo wars. The hardening liquids such as setting concrete were pressuring and displacing the soil, indicating possible burial sites. These were photographed in public locations in Belgrade, since the actual sites were inaccessible at the time. These "procesual documentary photographs" were paired with a lump of quicklime, that was progressively cracking and eventually breaking up as it absorbed the moisture of the cave. The high-pitched cracking of such "performative material" was accompanied by the muffled sound of Mozart' Masonic Funeral Music KV 477 (1785) emanating from the closed drawers of an antique office desk, audible at an arm's length from the work only. The sound and the music were creating a minimal safe distance for the decision-maker to convey an intention without fear of being heard.