Nikola Radić Lucati



“Rusalka”, a joint show by Rafal Jakubowicz and Nikola Radić Lucati consists of two works: “Swimming pool”, a 2003 two-channel video of a site-specific light-projection by Jakubowicz, and “Rusalka”, a 2011 series of steel-mounted photographs with an object-installation by Lucati. Both works, marking the anniversaries of the April 4th 1940 desecration of Poznan’s synagogue, are treating this as a continuing, unfinished event, refracting the causalities of narrative erasure during the process of adaptation of several key historical events that have influenced the formation of Poznan’s contemporary landscape. The works presented at the “Rusalka” show, while forming a mutually supportive construction, are centered on the inversion of their media roles. A set of static, photographic objects document the continuing actions forming the process of normalization. The projection, a performative act which filmed, becomes a document of a condition - the erasure of a people and it’s culture that has stopped at the point of the erasure of language, showing the translation might not be an option that could still be leading to a hope of a dialogue.

Rusalka - exhibition catalogue