Nikola Radić Lucati


Drawing, on the analysis of ideas through the study of methods.

Drawing is the defining object in space, for it makes the movement of it's masses visible. Drawing amplifies the inertia of every movement through space. (Static and recursive, yet in constant motion), Drawing is making us aware of permanence by giving the mass of time a new form of acceleration. Drawing establishes itself as a defining principle, compelling us to develop a logical structure of language with which to define our perception of a constantly changing condition. Drawing is the method for the analysis of drawing. Drawing has no shape or form in it's own right; although mathematics can provide us with with working models similar to that of it's own logical structure. The use of different media in an attempt to reproduce a drawing will show the linguistic differences between the various aspects of Drawing and it's mathematical models; in this way determining the directions that the languages of our reception might take.