Nikola Radić Lucati


ad plures ire

Ad Plures Ire (lat.) / To go the way of all flesh; to die. In ancient Rome, the belief was that more peole had lived in the past than there are in the present. Therefore, "the many", (Ad plures) stand as the warning, a silent majority ready to absorb the newly passed. That porrous, non-discriminating stance had been in contrast to the divisive wars over the provenance of the victims past and present in the nationalst discourse which opens the question of the circumstances of their passing. During the wars and pogroms of the 1990's, the actual sites were largely inaccessible to public. Still, the memory of the land runs deeper, reaching the earlier atrocities and forced marches of the "others" population throughout the Balkans and central Europe.

Frequently, the last look of a person separated from the column would be onto the landscape off the road.