Nikola Radić Lucati, (1971), visual artist, postgraduate studies at Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts (1997) and Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem. Since 2000 lectured on media art at The Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, photography at the “Camera Obscura” and “Kalisher” college in Tel Aviv. Researches the points of intersection of history, economy, culture and human rights through the prism of photography, text, sound, installation. Much of his work is dedicated to the idea of minorities right to the interpretation and representation of their own history. Since 2014, founder of the Center for Holocaust Research and Education in Belgrade.

Selected shows:


“Ethnomimicry”, at “The Nineties: Dictionary of the migration“, Museum of Yugoslavia. Curated by: Ana Panić, Simona Ognjanović.

“Etnographer’s argument”, at “Parallel Traces”, AEPJ, Museum of Jewish history, Girona, Spain, White Stork Synagogue, Wroclaw, Poland, Legation House Belgrade. Curated by: Rosa Juanaco, Maida Gruden.


“Cohabitation”, “1 on 1” exhibition programme, gallery Artget, Cultural centar of Belgrade. Curated by: Ivan Manojlović.


“Radio witness”, at “Testimony – truth or politics”, Gallery Boccanera, Trento, Italy, MOCA Belgrade, Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo, Volkskunde museum Vienna. Curated by: Noa Treister.


“Expiration date”, at “Actopolis”, 2016, 2017, 2019, Goethe Institute, Museum of the City of Belgrade, Expanded Media Triennial, ULUS, Cvijeta Zuzorić. Curated by: Mirjana Boba Stojadinović (Actopolis), Nenad Glišić (ULUS).

”October 1941”, Center for Holocaust Research and Education, City of Belgrade Archives, Novi Sad City Archives, “Kragujevački Oktobar” Memorial Park, “Synagogue” gallery, National museum, Niš.


“Traded, 2:1”, SKC gallery, Kragujevac. Curated by: Ivan Arsenijević.

“Insufficiency”, at “Resolution 827”, Stedelijk Museum Buro Amsterdam. Curated by: Jelle Bowhuis (SMBA), Zoran Erić (MOCAB). 


“Condensate”, at  “Invisible violence”, at MOCA Belgrade, ARTIUM Vitoria Gasetiz and Salzburger Kunstverein.

Curated by: Blanca de la Torre (ARTIUM), Zoran Erić (MOCAB), Seamus Kelly (SK).


“The Fever – Numismatic value“, at “Vot Ken You Mach”, exhibition, Kunsthaus Dresden, and 2015 at MWW Wroclaw. Curated by: Christianne Meinecke Scwartz (KD), Dorota Monkewitz, Rafal Jakubowicz (MWW).

“Communal dwellings”, at CC Parobrod, Belgrade. Curated by: Mihael Milunović.

“Basalt, during our absence”, NBKM gallery, Belgrade. Curated by: Željka Momirov.

“Substitutive emigration”, Remont gallery, Belgrade, Participants: Igor Bararon, Vienna, Vladimir Margulis, Berlin, Raeda Saadeh, Al Quds/Jerusalem, Rami Tsalka, Tel Aviv, Nikola Radić Lucati, Belgrade, Arye Wachsmuth, Vienna. Curated by: Nikola Radić Lucati.


“Predictable outcomes”, 2012, at the conference on Staro Sajmište camp, Heinrich Boell foundation at “Dom Vojske Srbije”, Belgrade, Curated by: Maria Glišić and Wolfgang Klotz. At “Europe. South East – Recorded Memories”, 2015, Museum of Photography Braunschweig, Museum of Yugoslavia, etc, produced by the Goethe institute, Curated by: Constanze Wicke.

“Rusalka”, with Rafal Jakubowicz, at “Univerzitetska galerija Svetozar Marković – UBSM”, Belgrade. Curated by: Selman Trtovac, Nataša Matović.

”The Record”, 2012 at “Missing places”, “KC Grad”, Belgrade, Curated by: Dejan Atanacković.


“Das Seine – Forschungsprojekt” with Rafal Jakubowicz, 2011, 2013, 2015, Piekary gallery, Poznan, at “Vot Ken You Mach”, Kunsthaus Dresden, MWW Wroclaw. Curated by: Piotr Bernatowicz, Nikola Šuica (Poznan), Christianne Meinecke Scwartz, (Dresden), Dorota Monkewitz, Rafal Jakubowicz, (Wroclaw).

“The independent salon”, Old Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv, curated by: Rami Tsalka.

Karavukovo Castrix Art colony, Karavukovo, at “Univerzitetska galerija Svetozar Marković – UBSM” Belgrade, Gallery Fonticus, Grožnjan. Curated by: Goran Denić, Eugen Borkovski.


“Small format graphics salon”, at “Grafički kolektiv gallery”, Belgrade.


“Ad Plures Ire”,at  Midrasha College Gallery, Beit Berl, Kfar Saba. Curated by: Naomi Siman Tov.

“Lecturers’ Works”, Bezalel Academy of Fine Ars, Jerusalem.


“Temporary cavity”, at “Printline”, Cinema Rex and Lower East Side Graphic Workshop, New York. Curated by: Miriam Schaer.

“Odradek”, at Populus Gallery, Tel Aviv. Participants: Dani Reisner, Nira Pereg, Efrat Hildsheim, Yifat Laist, Dina Shenhav, Matti Harel, Avi Ifergan, Simona Vaknin, Nikola Radić Lucati, Yaron Levy. Curated by: Yifat Laist and Nikola Radić Lucati.


“The victory”, “Against the Violence”, at MAK Museum and Kunstakademie, Vienna.


“Relative density (specific gravity)” Gallery Zvono, Belgrade.

 “Ad Plures ire” at 3rd Biennale of young artists, Vršac, Curated by: Dejan Sretenović

“4 images”, 39th October salon, at 25th of May Museum, Belgrade.


“Drawing – On the analysis of ideas through the study of methods”, at Cinema Rex, Belgrade and  Ostranenie97, Bauhaus EMI Studio, Dessau. Curated by: Stephen Kovats, and at “Tangents”, 1998, 11th Graphic Triennial, Tallin. Curated by: Ando Keskulla.


“The memorial chamber”, at Barutana, Kalemegdan, Belgrade. Curated by: Nikola Šuica.

“Perspectives XXV”, Andrićev  venac Gallery, Belgrade.


“Project X”, at The Sugar Refinery, Belgrade, Curated by: Ivan Kucina.

“Veljković – bis”, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade. Participants: Bojan Sredojević, Branka Kuzmanović, Martin Erdeš, Mirjana Munišić, Miron Mutaović, Nikola Radić Lucati, Zoran Dimovski, Zoran Todorović. Curated by: Nikola Radić Lucati.

“Drawing 2”, SKC Gallery, Belgrade. Curated by: Biljana Tomić.

“Drawing E”, at “Reč” magazine, Belgrade.


“Drawing”, SKC Gallery Belgrade. Curated by: Biljana Tomić.